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In the Nanotechnology Concentration, students will learn about the materials, tools, and current and emerging applications of nanotechnology. Students will study the relationship between the structural characteristics and the physical and mechanical properties of metals, alloys, and nonmetallic materials. Basic concepts of micro and nano fabrication as well as coating principles and processing techniques with regard to applications of nanostructures and nanomaterials will be emphasized.

Our approach
In our classes you will learn about current and emerging applications of nanotechnology
Students will investigate manufacturing measurements using mechanical, electronic, optical, microscopic, and interferometric methods. This field is a growing area of scientific research that involves observing, measuring, and creating at the molecular and atomic level. Nanotechnology has an impact on a broad range of applications, including telecommunications, computing, medical sciences, and on a variety of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

You will learn to
  • Characterize and analyze materials and chemicals including their structural characteristics and their physical and mechanical properties
  • Build and monitor nano-specific equipment and operate experimental systems
  • Perform area-specific tasks in optical microscopy, interface electronics, and biomaterials
  • Provide technical support for developing nano product design and testing

Technology making a splash: Nanotechnology works on such a small scale it allows scientists to harness the precision of nature